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What we do

BD Remedial Building, a member of the Housing Industry Association, offer a comprehensive diagnosis and solution to simple and difficult water related defects in buildings, including leaking and damage to:

  • Bathrooms
  • Roofs
  • Planter boxes
  • Balconies
  • Cavity flashings
  • Windows & doors

If you notice the following common signs of a water defect; staining, decaying timber or bubbling paint, our FAQs might answer some of your questions.

BD Remedial Building’s results are based on our specialised construction knowledge, which allows us to provide a complete solution to building and waterproofing defects.

Stages of diagnosis and repair:

  • Problem diagnosed via an on-site visit and a quote estimate supplied to the client in writing
  • If the quote is accepted an Occupational Health and Safety compliant job site will be set up
  • Depending on the problem, BD will use a range of products from liquid membranes to PVC membranes to correct
  • Programming – BD will provide a schedule of works and keep the client informed of the job progress
  • BD will fix the leak and repair the finishes that have been affected by water damage
  • Repairs over $21,000 are covered under warranty for 7 years as part of the Home Owner’s Warranty Scheme

Quality products

BD uses PVC sheet membranes, which are a class III flexible membrane thereby reducing the likelihood of application error and speeding up the construction process.

This means the client gets a faster construction time and a higher quality finish, which can be tiled the next day.